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We would like to introduce ourselves, as one of the leading companies involved in the marketing of various types of fire protection equipments for the past few years. We undertake Fire Hydrant and Fire Alarm/ Access Control fully fledged systems, CCTV, addressable Fire Alarm etc. Our range of extinguishers includes the CO2, ABC, Dry Chemical Powder, Water, CO2 and Mechanical Foam type fire extinguishers. Added to this range are various accessories meant for specific fire protection requirements.

Our Managers and Sales and Service Representative have been trained in a position to offer you the best advice on the right type of fire protection for your industry and offices. In addition, we also perform servicing and refilling jobs along with Annual Maintenance Contract for complete systems on turn-key basis.

Why Choose Us

Our customers can rely upon us for our security solutions and fire safety systems as they impart excellent surveillance, and detection and extinguishing of fire. Our products are relied upon by several of customers and have been admired for their durability, quality and effective operating capability. We provide our products including Fire Hydrant and Sprinklers System, Fire Alarm and Detection System, Fire Extinguishers, CCTV, and Access Control Systems.

The love and admiration comes when you do something beyond customer requirements. This has been achieved by the Training programs conducted not only on how to use equipment but also to save valuable life and property within the first minutes of any emergency. We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.

Mission & Vission

Dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure living, learning and working environment in partnership with those it serves by respectfully employing the highest professional standards and providing exceptional service to the Schools and Colleges. To prevent and suppress destructive fires, investigate its causes, provide emergency medical and rescue services
To effectively address the safety and security needs of its community and help to resolve fire and safety issued. A modern fire protection agency working towards a safe and progressive society. We live and work in order to provide essential, life-saving services and enhance the quality of life in our communities. Regularly assessing, training and investing in our people.

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